Importance of pharmaceutical distributors

Importance of pharmaceutical distributors

With the increase in the Tunisian population, the evolution of diseases, the emergence of new treatment methods and the consumption of more drugs by the elderly, the need for drugs has increased as well as expectations have increased. As a result, the role of medical and pharmaceutical distribution companies continues to expand.

So what is the function of a distributor of pharmaceutical and medical products?

The function of pharmaceutical wholesalers is to act as an intermediary between the pharmaceutical industry and their customers (for example, the company Cogepha acts as an intermediary between the manufacturers of drugs, from where it obtains its supplies, and pharmacies and private clinics, which it supplies) by purchasing and distributing drugs to their clients. With regard to patient safety, they must ensure that product quality is maintained throughout the distribution chain and that the influx of counterfeit medicines is avoided. To meet this demand, wholesalers have developed sophisticated distribution logistics, such as the general pharmaceutical counter, Cogepha, which is committed to improving its activity, by using an ERP logistics system and by using advanced technologies. What has contributed to the success of this company.

Recent experience with counterfeit cases has shown that wholesalers can play an important role in protecting the drug market from counterfeit drugs. Thus, Cogepha has developed and now follows its own code of ethics, by setting up a reliable system that complies with and with Tunisian regulations. In addition, Cogepha adopts methods to prevent the purchase and distribution of counterfeit drugs. In addition, the quality assurance measures of Cogepha and their customers are interrelated to ensure that the quality chain operates without gaps in information and documentation.

The goal of wholesale pharmaceutical companies is to provide fast, accurate and reliable delivery service through continuous development and exchange. Cogepha, which is a major name in the wholesale marketing of medical products and parapharmaceutical items on the Tunisian pharmaceutical market, always works with a dynamic and ambitious spirit, to have modern facilities and tools, it is about act responsibly to provide fast and reliable service.

Cogepha is a leader in the wholesale of medicines in Tunisia in a reliable and safe way to guarantee the supply of medicines and all the needy products related to medicine and health and thus helping to improve the quality of health care of Tunisians.

In the pharmaceutical distribution sector, offering quality services in a wide area to meet the requirements is important so that customers can rely on the expertise of Cogepha, but, it is not the only advantage of have recourse to a distribution company for medical products or parapharmaceutical items. Indeed, there are many advantages to purchasing your medicines from a pharmaceutical wholesaler over a pharmaceutical retailer; especially when buying wholesale.

Let’s see some of the advantages of using a pharmaceutical distribution company like Cogepha:

  • Reduced costs and economies of scale
  • Convenience: Pharmaceutical wholesalers sell many items under one roof. Because of this, customers can save time and money.
  • Range of products: companies distributing medical, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical items such as Cogepha always stock their platforms with different types of drugs. Therefore, pharmacists can even buy several types of the same drug under one roof. With different types of drugs in their stores, pharmacies are sure to meet the needs of every consumer. La Cogepha collaborates with the most famous pharmaceutical firms of national renown such as “Siphat” or “Adwya” and foreign such as Pfizer or Sanofi-Aventis.
  • Possibility of negotiation: Often, wholesalers of health products and articles are ready to negotiate with pharmacists who often buy from them. They can sell the items at a much lower cost than retailers because they are assured of constant demand.
  • Reduced risk: For a wholesaler to sell drugs in large quantities, they must have the necessary licenses and certificates to operate.
  • Providing information: You can always get information from Cogepha, for example on major changes that may affect the pharmaceutical industry. This way, you can make advance arrangements on your purchasing plans. If prices are likely to increase, you can purchase the items you need ahead of time.
  • Deliveries: Most pharmaceutical wholesalers in Tunisia, citing Cogepha, offer delivery services to their customers, especially those who live around stores. Although some delivery services charge, the cost is way too cheap compared to buyers who organize their own transport.