The founders

Cogepha was mainly born from a doubly shared and nurtured will of Ms. Saïda Balti, a pharmacist by training, and her husband, Mr. Mahmoud Miliani.
Equipped with a revolutionary conception and a long-term vision of the pharmaceutical distribution sector in Tunisia, these two visionary founders have not stopped since the creation of the company in 1986 to seek, innovate and create solutions. to satisfy the various demands of its customers.
Thus, in a few years, Cogepha has won the respect and admiration of its partners and has established itself as the leader in the wholesale marketing of medical products and parapharmaceutical items thanks to the hard work and extensive experience of its founders. .
Cogepha is a family business with a long tradition, with a lot of strength of innovation and flexibility.

The key dates in our history


The story of Cogepha begins with the creation in 1986 of the company of the same name by a pharmacist by training, Ms. Saïda Balti and her husband, Mr. Mahmoud Miliani.
Thus, this date marks the beginning of an adventure crowned with many successes and enormous achievements in the pharmaceutical distribution sector.


Development of the new head office and implementation of the ERP.


Our commitment to our customers sets us apart because they are at the center of everything we do. In order to respond to new demands, Cogepha is entering the parapharmaceutical field through a new subsidiary called “LSD” which is committed to importing and promoting this type of product by allying itself with the Artsanachicco brand (


Opening of the North-West branch (Cogepha Jendouba)


Opening of two branches, North-East (Cogepha Korba and Cogepha Medenine)


Opening of the Tunis Cogepha Bardo downtown branch


To be closer to our customers and to respond to their requests as quickly as possible, Cogepha has continued to create a solid distribution network throughout Tunisia (Jendouba, Korba, Medenine, Tunis …) and The expansion continues to progress, with the establishment of a new platform in Sidi Rezig in Ben Arous.
In addition, Cogepha is crowning this strategy by launching a purchasing center to manage and supply its various platforms.


    COGEPHA Tunis




    COGEPHA Nord-est


    COGEPHA Nord

  • COGEPHA Sidi Rzig

    COGEPHA Nord


    COGEPHA Sud-est

Our networks

At Cogepha, we have developed, established and perfected a supply system to meet the needs of our customers by creating a network and distribution points that allow us to respond quickly at any time and throughout Tunisia ensuring that the product can be supplied when needed and in the required quantity.

Cogepha Tunis


5, Rue des Entrepreneurs
2035, Tunis Carthage, Ariana – Tunisia
Phone: (+216) 70 838 908 70 837 533
Fax: (+216) 70 837 926

Cogepha Jendouba


Route de Tunis Km 1, Chorfa
8100, Jendouba, Tunisia
Phone : (+216) 78 611 417, 78 611 418, 70 016 884
Fax : (+216) 78 611 419

Cogepha Korba

COGEPHA North East

January 14th Avenue
8070, Korba, Nabeul
Phone : (+216) 72 382 270, 72 382 266
Fax : (+216) 72 382 262

Cogepha BARDO


62 Big Rue de Bologne BARDO 2000
Tél : (+216) 71 571 453

Cogepha Sidi Rzig


3 Rue de la Chimie  Sidi Rzig
Tél : (+216) 70838522

Cogepha Medenine

COGEPHA South East

Tataouine Street
4100 Medenine – MEDENINE
Phone : (+216) 75 649 555
Fax : (+216) 75 649 471



01 A strong and continuous collaboration with customers

As the healthcare industry evolves and pharmaceutical expectations are amplified, Cogepha has continued to increase the value engagement with its partners through enhanced market delivery solutions and flexible and personalized delivery services, including a wide and diverse range of products and national distribution with perfect product management.

02 A company made in Tunisia

As a pillar of the pharmaceutical trade sector in Tunisia, we ensure at Cogepha that pharmaceutical products always arrive at the right place at the right time throughout Tunisia. We thus make an important daily contribution to comprehensive and safe health care in Tunisia through our platforms located throughout the country.

03 Teams at the heart of our success

Thanks to our dedicated employees for working to the best of their ability every day to ensure that you have a positive experience in your dealings with Cogepha. From receipt to shipping of orders, from ordering to payment for the product and all the steps in between, the members of the Cogepha team want all of its customers to know that they care about your business, but above all about you.

04 Quality, the pillar of our performance

In Cogepha, our distribution centers prepare the appropriate storage and distribution system based on Tunisian standards for control, quality and safety management in the transport and storage of pharmaceutical products. We deliver faster and more accurate customer orders and ensure that equipment, products and other supplies are delivered on time while preserving their qualities and properties.


Our expertise