An increasingly extensive network, more and more renewed

Our motto is simple: bring the medicine closer to the patient. This is the daily challenge that the company sets itself, and it is for this same purpose that it aims to spread its distribution network throughout the whole of Tunisia. This constantly expanding network is the company’s little gem, its great pride. It is made up of the company’s partners (pharmacies and private clinics) and its various distribution platforms, which are multiplying across the four corners of the country so that COGEPHA can get as close as possible to its customers.

Aside from its expansion, the COGEPHA network is in constant turmoil, as the company tirelessly strives to improve it to provide optimal quality of service. An irreproachable network whose platforms work 7 days a week, with […] products delivered per day.

Join the COGEPHA network

You can join our network of partners in order to benefit from the following advantages:


Know-how at your service

As a private clinic or pharmacy, the health and sometimes even the life of a patient is in your hands. Medication must be taken exactly on the prescribed schedule otherwise the patient’s entire healing cycle will be compromised. Each drug has its own specificity, and the slightest difference in composition can harm the patient, so providing one remedy to replace another is out of the question.
Such responsibility requires good management of drug stocks. You must and want to ensure the permanent availability of your treatments. This is why having a flawless replenishment process is absolutely necessary. You can trust our know-how, because by using our services you will be able to :

  • Place your refueling orders directly from home, even online from our site.
  • Be delivered in a short time during your urgent orders.
  • Schedule your daily replenishment orders and be delivered on time.
  • Guarantee that the maximum number of references is always available in stock.

An order-taking platform at your disposal

Providing you with supplies as quickly as possible is one of our priorities, and it is for this purpose that we provide you with a team of highly qualified teleoperators. Informed about our medications in great detail, they will listen to you and take your replenishment requests in the blink of an eye, whether urgent or conventional (emergency products). In addition, no detail related to your delivery will be spared.


Shorter and shorter delivery times

The pharmaceutical industry is a race against time. Access to the necessary drugs in the shortest possible time is essential. We therefore aim to minimize drug replenishment time. This is how we have equipped ourselves with a set of platforms spread over the entire Tunisian territory, focusing on strategic areas in order to optimize the coverage of our network of private clinics. Thanks to this, we guarantee the availability of pharmaceutical products wherever you are.

Drug suppliers



Our network of partners